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7 Emirates Tour

7 Emirates Tour

7 Emirates Tour packages UAE brings day travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi where you enjoy & see all 7-Emirates in a day.

Interest in 7 Emirates tour is rising. Most are wondering what 7 Emirates tour is all about? Acutually its a tour of Emirates that has 7 most wanted things to do in Dubai of newly Dubai tourists.


Great chant to visit all 7 Emirates during your on day tour. This could be most packed day of your life. Initially start by leaving ultra-modern Dubai you will travel through Sharjah – the heritage city of UAE and end up in an ancient palace of the Sheikh of Ajman that is a wax museum now.

Than you visit archeological site in Umm-Al-Quwain followed by a local “grand canyon” located in Ras-Al-Khaimah. And at the end you reach Fujeirah on the shores of the Indian Ocean where swim lover can enjoy the water a great meal awaiting for food lovers at a place in mountains.


  • Full Day Tour of the 7/7 Emirates in the United Arab Emirates
  • Conducted on cars, minivans or minibuses with licensed tour guide
  • Includes Buffet Lunch
  • Highlights: Oldest Mosque in the UAE, Largest Mosque in the UAE, Carpet Market, Ajman Museum of History, Visit to ‘Grand Canyon’

7 Emirates Tour

1. Dubai Stop

We could do both the stops briefly or one spot more thoroughly. Book a stopover in Dubai on your way to another Emirates destination.

2. King Faisal Mosque, Sharjah

The King Faisal is one of the largest & most iconic mosques in the Country and until not long ago was the largest mosque in the UAE.

3. Sheikh Ajman Museum

With a fascinating collection of artefacts housed in a beautifully restored fort, Ajman Museum is one of the most visited historical attractions in the emirate.

4. Friday Market for Shopping

The Friday market is an interesting place which is a market area in the mountains on our way to the East Coast.

5. Canyon Photo Stop

Next we will go slightly of the beaten road and go on a dirt road into the mountains which passes through a canyon like area with a mountain lake and a generally scenic environment that will give you a good idea of the outdoor side of the UAE.

6. Fujeirah, oldent mosque of Emirates

The ‘Badiyah Mosque’ is probably the UAE’s oldest mosque with an approximate date of build in the 15th Century. It’s a very interesting structure located in a very scenic area and holds much ancient aura.

7. Oceanic hotel (swim and meal)

Finally, we will arrive at Oceanic Hotel where guests will be offered a lunch and beach access at the Hotel with a chance to swim in the Indian Ocean, versus the Arabian Gulf that is on the West Coast of the Country.